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Usui Reiki Ryoho Classes


Our intimate Reiki classes ensure you learn with no more than 6 students or privately. To learn Usui Reiki, no experience is required. All that is needed is curiosity and an open heart to explore your inner and outer worlds. 

Class options include in person, live online, and private.

Level I Cover.jpg

Level I serves as your gateway into Reiki. This level focuses on the individual, energy body basics, and establishing your connection to the Universal Lifeforce Energy. After Level I attunement, you are permanently connected to the Universal Lifeforce Energy and are able to practice Reiki on yourself.

Class topics include:

Reiki’s History              Healing Yourself

Chakra System             Dowsing

Level I Attunement      Connecting to Universal Lifeforce Energy

 Investment:  $225 (includes course deposit)

                      $325 for private class (includes course deposit)


Prerequisite: Level I completion

Level II further develops your energy channel by learning the sacred Reiki symbols. This deeper connection through the use of sacred symbols enables you to perform Reiki on others. In class, you practice giving a complete Reiki session as well as sending Reiki to others.

Class topics include:

Reiki Symbols                    Conducting a Reiki session on others

Aura Scanning                   Sending Long Distance Reiki

Level II Attunement           Clearing and Protection Tools

 Investment:  $225 (includes course deposit)

                      $325 for private class (includes course deposit)

Level II Cover.jpg
Level III Cover 3.jpg

Prerequisite: Level I and II completion. Conducted a minimum of 15 individual practice sessions on others (timeframe is approximately 3 to 6 months after Level II). Proceeding with this advanced level is at the joint discretion of the teacher and student.

The Level III attunement fully opens your energy channel resulting in an increased Reiki flow throughout your being. This increased flow positively affects your treatment sessions and you receive additional tools to incorporate into your sessions. After Level III, you can work on others in exchange for money.

Class topics include:

Reiki Symbols                   Cord Cutting

Psychic Surgery                Crystal Grids with Reiki

Level III Attunement         Clearing and Preparing a Space

 Investment:  $350 (includes course deposit)

                      $450 for private class (includes course deposit)


Prerequisite: Completion of Levels I - III. This level is taught a minimum of 12 months after Level III.

Upon completion of Level IV, you can teach the Usui Reiki healing modality to others. This level includes learning how to conduct attunements. You must co-teach all Reiki levels, demonstrate a full Reiki session for the teacher to observe, and complete a written exam.  

 Investment:  $495 (includes course deposit)

                    *This level is only taught as a private class

All in-person classes require a $50 non-refundable deposit. 

All live online classes must be paid in full at time of registration.

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