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Angelic Reiki Classes


Our intimate Reiki classes ensure you learn with no more than 6 students. To learn Angelic Reiki, no experience is required. All that is needed is curiosity and an open heart to explore your inner and outer worlds. 

Class options include in person and private groups.

Different AAMetatron.jpg

Since 2001, the vibration of the Angelic Kingdom has merged with Earth and Humanity in a way not experienced for millions of years. One of the purest forms of this energy is Angelic Reiki. Through this healing modality, you are connected to the Angels who are gifting us with the knowledge of our own Divinity, our Higher Self. This is a hands-on, experiential 2.5 day workshop.

Class topics include:

  • Complete karma cutting and Angelic clearing prior to each attunement

  • Full attunement to Angelic Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree levels

  • The 7 symbols given are activated to Angelic level through the 7 levels of form and Divine form by Archangel Metatron

  • Attunement to the Angelic Kingdom of Light at the 11th dimension through Archangel Metatron

  • Hands on healing experience of channeling Angelic healing energy, Third Eye healing, healing with Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers, as well as Multidimensional and Past Life healing.

  • Guidance on self-healing, absent/distance healing, treating pregnant women, children and animals

  • Advice on healing treatment practicalities

  • Techniques to attune healing tools including crystals


Participants receive: 

  • Master Crystal with Angelic Codes of Healing

  • Angelic Reiki Level 1 and 2 Manual

  • Angelic Reiki Level 1 and 2 Practitioner Certificate

 Investment:  $275 (including $50 non-refundable deposit)

 Schedule:  Friday       5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

                   Saturday   10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

                   Sunday     10:00 AM - 6:00 PM



Prerequisite: Level I and 2 completion

Level 3 and 4 (Master/Teacher) further develops your channel and relationship with the Angelic Kingdom of Light through additional attunements. This deeper connection includes learning and practicing additional hands-on healing forms. 

Class topics include:

  • Full attunement to Angelic Reiki Third and Fourth Degree Levels

  • Revisiting healing techniques taught in the level 1&2 workshop

  • Opportunities to share healing experiences

  • Healing through eye contact as used in Atlantis

  • Healing with Soul Group energies

  • Healing with energies of the Divine Presence and Divine Blessing

  • 13 symbols which are a gateway to multidimensional healing, activated to Angelic level through the 7 levels of form and Divine form by Archangel Metatron

  • Gifts of higher knowledge given by the Sarim, the Princes of the Angelic Kingdom

  • Healing practice sessions

  • Advice on how to teach Angelic Reiki workshops and to facilitate Angelic Reiki attunements

Participants receive:

  • Angelic Reiki Level 3 and 4 Manual

  • Angelic Reiki Practitioner Certificate

Investment:  $425 (including $100 non-refundable deposit)

Schedule:  Friday        11:00 PM - 5:00 PM

                   Saturday   11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

                   Sunday     11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Level III Cover 3.jpg
Different AAMetatron.jpg

Prerequisite: Level I completion

This workshop is for everybody who truly wants to understand the nature of Angelic Reiki and the gift that is the Archangel Metatron.

This is a divine invitation to discover the principles of The Angelic Kingdom of Light, the sacred esoteric wisdom that Angelic Reiki is based upon as well as developing new healing methods, tools and understating of your work with the Angelic Kingdom of Light. In turn, this workshop reveals the in-depth spiritual principles that underpin the power of that which we call Archangel Metatron.

This is an opportunity to experience a profound development of your work as healers and teachers enabling you to practice and teach from a place of powerful authenticity.

Class topics include:

  • Opening a Workshop and Clearing the space

  • Michael Karma Cutting Meditation and Clearing

  • Healing Methods to develop Angelic Reiki further

  • Etheric Body Healing and Spherical Healing

  • New healing method - Cleansing All The Chakras

  • Role of the healer for Angelic Reiki In Death And Dying

  • The Four Elements

  • Ascension Changes and working with those changes

  • Sacred Geometry and Platonic Solids for Healing and Personal Mastery

  • The Platonic Solids of Metatron

  • The Spiritual Hierarchy of The Angelic Kingdom

  • Archangels and Ascended Masters - Detailed Guidance Ritual and Knowledge

  • Esoteric wisdom in the knowledge of Master Crystals, Rods of Power, Rules and Laws Of Healing, Golden Pyramid of Light, The Ascension Flame and Description of the Seven Rays

Participants receive:

  • Angelic Reiki Metatron Methods Manual

  • Angelic Reiki Practitioner Certificate

Investment:  $225.00 (including $50 non-refundable deposit)

Schedule:     Saturday   10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

                      Sunday     10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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