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Intuitive Readings

"I just thought of one thing that’s permanent – love."
                                                         ~ Olaf in Frozen 2

Intuitive readings can be just has healing as an energy healing session. Whether connecting to your departed loved ones, your higher self, soul, past lives, or spirit guides, a reading can answer long-held questions, provide clarity and offer peace. 

All readings are offered in person, phone, or Zoom.


Mediumship Reading

In a mediumship reading, I connect with your departed loved ones in spirit sharing their messages, memories, and what they see of our world now.  

60 minutes - $97


Private Group Readings

Gather your friends for a fun evening connecting with Spirit.

For this 2 hour session, we can meet at my office or your home. There is a minimum of six participants, $45 each. 

Contact me to book this memorable experience!


Soul Reading

In a soul reading, I connect with your soul. Often the soul likes to look at recurring life patterns and offer insight on your life's purpose and challenges. You may receive tools and/or homework to help break through stagnation.

60 minutes - $97


Past Life Reading

A past life reading can offer insight into current challenging situations, unfounded fears, or complicated relationships in your life now. Understanding a past life can empower your current lifetime.

60 minutes - $97

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