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More Joy Please


Lately joy has been coming up a lot in sessions... the need for joy, to find joy once again. Maybe it is simply the fact that it has been a gray winter here that we haven't seen much of the great golden ball of joyous light that is the sun; but it's never that cut and dry.

The messages from Spirit speak of how we've forgotten what joy feels like for a multitude of reasons. That we focus on being "happy" rather than being in a state of joy because we don't realize that happiness is almost always conditional... the traps of "I'll be happy when..." and then those artificial conditions we've placed on when happiness is available to us don't come to fruition, we then spiral into the density of fear, worry, anxiety, regret that make "happiness" feel even more unattainable.

But as Spirit has emphasized in sessions, JOY is another matter entirely. Joy is available to you because it is unconditional... it is an inside job, it is housed in your inner world unlike happiness that is rooted in the outer world. Because joy is in our inner world, much like the song espouses "this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine" we tap into our joy and radiate it outward through our physical body and our subtle body such that we are joy.

Much like the Rumi quote, when we do things from our soul, we stoke that inner fire of joy and it builds, radiates, and sustains. Joy is the engine that keeps everything moving and provides an avenue to open us to opportunities.

Next time you find yourself wishing for more happiness, switch up your perspective and wish for more joy... you'll be surprised at what happens next...

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