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Deeper Dive: The Chakras - Crown

The Crown Chakra is the last of the seven primary chakras and it governs our connection to Source.


Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara

Location: Top of Head

Color: Violet or No Color

Element: None or the Cosmos

Sound: A Breathing Sound or Ohm

Note: B

Shape: Circular Half-Moon

Planets: The Universe

Astrological Sign: None as it transcends the Zodiac

Crystals: Selenite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Diamond

Essential Oils: Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender

Goddess Archetype: The Guru

Sahasrara translates to "thousand petal lotus" as seen in the symbol image above. This is our connection to Source, the Universe. Think about our journey through the chakras, specifically our starting point at the Root Chakra and how that grounded us to the earth, similarly, the Crown Chakra links us to the cosmos. When balanced, we can enjoy elevated consciousness and bliss from understanding that everything is interconnected. When imbalanced, we might experience an inability to learn, alienation, apathy, or depression.

Crown Chakra Affirmations to consider:

  • I am divinely connected and guided in all things.

  • I am one with the divine/universe/source.

  • I am linked with my Higher Self and open to receiving.

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