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New Moon in Scorpio - 13 November 2023

The new moon is a time of fresh beginnings and untapped potential. It is in this dark time that each new moon presents us with a unique opportunity to set intentions and manifest our deepest desires.

This month's new moon falls on Monday November 13th at 2:27 AM MT. Being in Scorpio, this can be a time of profound emotional transformation. We'll explore this month's new moon in the following four themes:

  • Harnessing Energy The new moon aligns with Mars, which means harnessing our energy through hard work to achieve your goals

  • Emotional Transformation Scorpio helps us understand our hidden truths, including our unconscious patterns and desires

  • Confronting Desires Scorpio tends to harbor hidden wants and unspoken yearnings

  • Change The new moon brings along even more intense feelings, transformative energy, and an invitation for change

During this time, you may also feel called to explore these other new moon in Scorpio nudges:

  • Examining every facet of our shared existence

  • Holding space for any uncomfortable or hard emotions

  • Focusing on your ambitions and professional life

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