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Deeper Dive Series: The Chakras

The chakras are amazing subtle energy organs. In Sanskrit, the word chakra means wheel of light. Chakras manage the energy flow related to all parts of our lives; they are our personal power centers. Each chakra has a job and provides us with information about our inner and outer worlds.

There have been up to 88,000 chakras recorded in the human body. There are around forty minor chakras identified. In this series, we'll focus on the primary seven chakras, the powerhouses that regulate our energy bodies.

Sure, we hear that we want to have our chakras aligned and balanced, but what does that mean? Our chakras should be open, spinning and taking in information about our environment. In our daily life, there can be stress, anxiety, worry, fear and these emotions cause constriction in our physical body and our energetic/subtle body. Since the chakras are part of the energy body, they are then affected and can become small or oversized, spinning too fast or barely spinning. These imbalanced chakras can then affect how you interact with your outer world and even eventually become dis-ease in the physical body.

In this Deeper Dive series, we will be focusing on each of the seven chakra to understand it's purpose, where it supports us in our lives. We will learn to work with the chakra to bring it into balance so that it is spinning, open and providing up feedback on the world around us.

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